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atWar: vojna strateška igra, igraj več kot Risk online

Play Axis & Allies, Civilization and Risk online for free
Atwar je brezplačna internetna, večigralska strateška igra, podobna igram kot so Risk in Civilization (klikni tukaj za ogled razlik). Preizkusi se v strateškem bojevanju proti ostalim igralcem in zavladaj svetu na velikih kartah s stotimi mesti in državami. Narediš lahko tudi svojo karto in scenarij na podlagi resničnih dogodkov, ki so se zgodili, se dogajajo, ali pa se še bodo.
Za razliko od omejenega premikanja enot v igrah kot sta Risk in Civilization, atWar omogoča popolnoma neomejeno premikanje enot, ki tako vzpodbuja uporabo zapletenih strategij. Vojna se lahko odvija s kar 20 igralci, mnogimi različnimi enotami, različnimi političnimi strategijami (vojna, premirje, zavezništvo), koalicijami (zavezništva) in še s mnogimi drugimi značilnostmi. Registracija z uporabo preprostega obrazca, poveži se s Facebook računom ali igrajte kot gost!

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Latest news

- - EDITION 14: APRIL 22, 2018 - -

Table of Contents:
Section 1: Interview with Clovis
Section 2: Moderator of the Year
Section 3: Satire and Gossip
Section 4: 5k Tournament

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" ~ Wayne Gretzky

Interview with Clovis
This week, Sascha interviewed Clovis, giving players a behind the scene look at the future of atWar.

Question #1: Are there going to be strategy changes in the future? If so, when?

Clovis: Not very likely. I don't think that Amok will do it. Ivan would probably do it again if he sees a lot of support, which is also my stance.

Question #2: Are there plans to bring on another admin to the team? Currently, there are 3 "coders", and no marketing admin. Are they possibly looking for someone to fill that gap?

Clovis: Not at the current time, that person would have to excel and come on his own to the game.

Question #3: Will we be able to start 2v2 Clan Wars without having a third leave, and will you kindly allow rejoining in clan wars anytime soon?

Clovis: No ( sorry acq )

Question #4: Right now you are just an admin with programming responsibilities but will we see you taking a more leadership approach in the future with general issues like Sun Tsu did?

Clovis: I've been feeling the responsibility to do so, but personally I don't like it. I believe there are better people suited for the role.

Question #5: Will the radio ever make a comeback; is it actually on the to-do list after the more pressing issues right now?
Clovis: No.

Question #6: Casual games are plentiful but lack a good mechanics to start them. Are there any plans to improve casual game setup (maybe add a turn 0)?

Clovis: No.

Question #7: Scenerio clan wars?

Clovis: No.

Question #8: Is the reason that you denied the addition of many of these features because finishing the map editor takes top priority?

Clovis: Yes, for all of them.

Question #9: How far would you say is the current state of the scenario editor? Is there a date where we can expect it to be released?

Clovis: It's really 99% done. To be fair, most of the code was already made in SL. We're just adapting it to HTML with some minor changes. That translation (from SL to HTML) I'd say it's 80% done. We should see it coming next week.

Question #10: Approximately how much time do you spend on programming for atWar?

Clovis: Around 10 hours a week.

Question #11: Since it's not 100% clear if you are getting paid for your work, are you getting a part of the earnings they make with atWar?

Clovis: Yes. I actually volunteer to it but they offered to pay me, so I accepted. Like Amok said before, it's a bunch of peanuts but for someone from my country, that's actually some decent money

There you have it, Clovis is making bank. Just kidding guys, hope you enjoyed reading the interview with Clovis.

Moderator of the Year
The moderator of the year award (MoTY) was hosted recently, which recognizes the contribution of moderators.

Community's Choice - Heat Check
A majority vote in the public forums.

Staff's Choice - Lemonade
Do not worry, he was not picked by other moderators, voting for him took place in the supporter's forum.

Satire and Gossip
The most viewed and favored section of the AtWar Press is back!

Have AtWar players just became professional nutritionists? Judging from off topic, if you have problems with weight, AtWar players are exactly what you need!
Check it out for yourself:

The worst shock for clubbing generation this week - Swedish superstar DJ is found dead in Oman. Our office is curious to know what was he doing in a 2 reinf country....

Off topic addicts pointed out date 4/20. We found out that Hitler and English Queen were born on 4/20..... Does coincidence exist....

Riddle of the Week:
If you've solved it, post in the comments down below!

The 22nd and the 24th President of the United States of America were born from the same father and the same mother. However, they were not brothers. How could that be?

You may have thought this tournament was left in the dust, but I'm here to tell you that is not the case. The atWar 5k Tournament is going to be continued, with Round 2 to be played in the next 2 weeks. Please play your games before May 6th.

The details are as follows:

Round : 2
Start Date : April 22nd
End Date : May 6th
Bracket : https://challonge.com/kpkifbwm

31.03 - Map editor is live!
15.03 - Clovis is the new Admin
21.02 - Map editor alpha updates
08.01 - Map editor alpha release!
13.12 - Christmas Sale - All Premium Subscriptions Are Now -50%!
08.12 - Let's test buildings!
01.12 - Announcing a new atWar developer!
26.11 - The atWar Press Special Announcement: The *OFFICIAL* atWar Discord Server
26.11 - The atWar Press: #13
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Amok - programiranje
Ivan - Zasnova, spletna stran
Clovis - programiranje

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