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24.01.2022 - 04:24
 atWar_Official (Administrator)

Please note that our Clan War Tournament Rules have been updated as of March 1, 2022.

These rules may be amended at the discretion of the atWar Staff as necessary to best benefit the community and to cultivate an atmosphere appropriate to a respectful gaming environment. There will always be areas that will be handled on a per incident basis by moderators. Even when not specified, staff has the sole right and final judgement of how to interpret and apply these Rules to any specific circumstance and situation, including proper punishment. The rules may, at any time, be applied or changed by any moderator or admin if they feel right. Relying on any inadequacies or deficiencies within the rules is therefore useless.

Schedule / General Info

  • atWar's CW seasons are 3 months each, according to the following schedule: Winter Season begins December 1st, Spring Season begins March 1st, Summer Season begins June 1st, and Autumn Season begins September 1st.
  • The first approximately 10 weeks of the season are the "Qualifier" period. During the qualifier, all clans are free to compete whoever they want.
  • The Qualifier period will end on the 14th of the last month of the season. This means the Qualifier ends as follows: for Winter - February 14th; Spring - May 14th; Summer - August 14th; Autumn - November 14th.
  • The 4 highest ranked clans by ELO at the end of the Qualifier will go on to the next phase, the Championship Playoffs.
  • The Championship Playoffs begin the next day immediately after the end of the Qualifier period, i.e. the 15th of the corresponding month. Qualifying clans will be posted in the official bracket, to be located here
  • During playoffs, other clans are still free to CW for fun, practice, or sp if they want to. However, their elo won't have any effects. The winner of the season will be determined solely according to the bracket.


  • Season winners (1st/2nd/3rd place) will be determined by the playoffs. The top 4 clans with the highest elo at the end of the Qualifier period will go to the playoffs. (Exception: the "Most Active" trophy will be given to the clan with the most CWs overall for the season, regardless of whether they were in the playoffs or not.)
  • The Playoffs are best-of-5 games.
  • Clans in the Playoffs may not recruit new members for the Playoffs. You must play only with members who were already in your clan during the Qualifier period.
  • Game set is 3v3. (2v2 may be allowed on a case-by-case basis -- consult a moderator or admin about this if needed. No 1v1 CWs will be allowed.)
  • No turn 1 wall blocking any wall inside an opponent starting territory.
  • Disconnects will not automatically result in a tie, and the winning clan has discretion.
    -- Please record your game if wanting to claim connection issues. If you have a strong expansion, it will be evidenced in your recording.
    -- If the winning clan suspects you are falsifying the recording, they do not have to accept.

  • No 'ghosting' or playing on an account that is not exclusively yours, as it violates atWar rules.
  • If a coalition cannot complete their games within the deadline, that coalition will be disqualified and their opponent will move up the bracket.
  • You are given 1 rematch attempt per coalition during the playoffs phase. And this may only be claimed during turn 1 of the match.
  • Map choice, turn duration, quick or casual, and other game settings are all possible, and can be decided by mutual agreement of the clans. However, if the clans cannot agree, then the "Clan War Default Rules" (see below) will apply:

Clan War Default Rules:

  • Game Type: Europe+
  • Turn duration: 4 minutes
  • Starting funds: 10k
  • Maximum players: 6
  • Joining until week: 0
  • Victory: Capture player capital and hold for at least 2 turns
  • Game duration: 50 turns
  • Rares: none
  • Initial countries: 1
  • Extra cities:
  • Allow rejoining: off
  • Disable upgrades: off
  • Disable strategies: off


  • There is no minimum number of games to qualify
  • Any clans created/revived after the end of the Qualifier period have missed out on the season and must wait until the next season to compete.

Thanks to the atWar Staff for their many ideas and input which have contributed to the current rules. Much of this was developed during extensive conversations among the various staff teams, and many people influenced the final result. Special thanks, however, are due to Witch-Doctor, Leo, and Brianwl, from whom Dave stole borrowed most of these ideas. (If, however, you don't like it, blame Dave, as he's ultimately responsible for navigating between some competing ideas... and besides he gets blamed for everything anyway. )
24.01.2022 - 05:47
I love it
27.01.2022 - 06:43
Good thing you removed the 100 CW rule. Whomever did that was an idiot!

04.02.2022 - 07:33
So if I am understanding this correctly? IF the season ended today pardox, epic, backup, and constillation divided would be in the playoffs?
04.02.2022 - 08:20
Prispeval Tungston., 04.02.2022 at 07:33

So if I am understanding this correctly? IF the season ended today pardox, epic, backup, and constillation divided would be in the playoffs?

We are already talking about it in another thread, which IHY posted. We'll probably extend Final tournament in the way so competing clans actually can compete in it.

Also, Witch-Doctor has a nice and simple idea for future seasons. I hope he brings it out

15.02.2022 - 07:22
Good thing you removed the 100 CW rule. Whomever did that was an idiot!

Miscellaneous: There is no minimum number of games to qualify

I don't think this is good for cw seasons, for example Backup qualified with only one match and I believe other clans, with many more matches are out, deserve more than backup to qualify in my opinion. Perhaps having as a parameter the average of the games played by all the clans at the end of the qualifiers could be useful. Thank you so much for trying to improve the clan wars every season
15.02.2022 - 14:55
Prispeval Apeiron, 15.02.2022 at 07:22

Good thing you removed the 100 CW rule. Whomever did that was an idiot!

Hey that's copying!
15.05.2022 - 07:03
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