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06.06.2022 - 23:51
 Sid (Administrator)
Many of you request different ways to split the PC/SP rewards at the end of the season, well this will make it easy.

If you are a leader of a clan, post here what you wish to be done with the PC/SP rewards your clan may get at the end of a season.

Here are your options:

(1) Split prize evenly between all members (Default)
(2) Give the prize to a single person to distribute
(3) Distribute prize to all leaders

Clan preferences:

Prestige: Give prize to Tungston to distribute
Enigma: Give prize to leaders to distribute
07.06.2022 - 00:17
 Dave (Administrator)
@clan leaders: it would be a good idea to also send me a message and remind me towards the end of the season (before I do the payouts), if you want awards to be paid out somehow other than the normal way.
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