Hi All,

Despite the traditional summer slow down, the CW scene remained active with 700 clan wars played this season!

Congratulations to the Summer 2021 winners:

By the way, there are some great statistics about the season, prepared by Mr. Croat -- check it out here.

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We are searching for new translation moderators!
Currently there are hundreds of things needing to be translated, and atWar could really use your help.

The following languages need translating:

If you're interested copy this questionnaire and send it to me through private messages.

First language:
Other languages you know:

We do not condone the use of Google Translate. So please only apply if you're fluent in the language.
Thank you!


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Atwar Presents: Weekly Special Events.

Rather than hosting myself I would love to know what kind of Weekly Events would you like me to organise.
kindly follow the Suggestion Items so your suggestion maybe considered seriously.

1: Map Name
2: Challange Type : clan vs clan, clan Team vs Independent Team , Signup Teams, Signup Players.
3: Special Rules.

1: Map Name.
2: Game Type.
3: Signup Players, Independent Teams.
4: Turn Time, Game turns.
5: other than General rules to be added.
6: Players Limit: overall, Team wise.

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Earn SP by Promoting AtWar

For each post in:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Reddit (r/paradoxplaza recommended)
  • Youtube
  • Others (Describe below)

1000 SP each post! You may get even more depending on the outreach. Specify your reward in the message (SP or Protocoins)

Your ad/post must include:
  • A small description of atWar
  • A screenshot of it's gameplay
  • Why people should play it

SP for youtube comments:
Each comment encouraging creators to promote atWar posted on strategy game review channels such as (but not limited to) Drew Durnil, Alex the Rambler, Feedbackgaming, Dustinl, Isorrowproductions, will also get you 100 SP. Though you can only post 1 comment per creator a day to reduce spam. (max creator limit: 10 per day)

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Ontario is out of covid lockdown, so i'm back!

For those who remember Silver Light and Afterwind, you'll remember the "Ask Me Anything" hosted by Amok and Ivan. Thought i'd pick up the tradition, and get re-acquainted with the community! As the title suggests, feel free to ask anything! Non-game related questions welcome! (Especially those deep subjects you always wanted to know about, but were afraid to ask, like "What is the meaning of life?" or "Are we really living in a computer simulation?" or "Boxers or Briefs?") ♥

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Good afternoon my Darlings,
As most of you know, from 23th to 28th of June, official supporter applications were open. After painstaking checks of applications, we managed to come up with 10 completely new names and 3 ex-supporters, collectively 13 players who will join our team!
Please welcome our new supporters:
Captain Steele
Hibiki Verniy
The Panda Jew

[center]Statistics from applications:

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A lot of us are used to keeping many tabs open at the same time. Due to recent browser updates, background tabs are now shutdown by browsers like Google Chrome, causing you to be disconnected.

I've seen a lot of people complaining about it. Some people have asked why I added an "autokicker" system -- the answer is I haven't! (Why on earth would I do that??) It's actually because of 2 new "features" introduced by Chrome as of version 87 -- "Tab Throttling" and "Occlusion Tracking". (click the link if you want to learn more about them)

In a nutshell, unless you have AW on top where you can see it, Chrome will disconnect you after a short time.

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Hello Darlings,

As you know, few weeks ago, I became Head Supporter. Since then, Dave and I talked about some ideas for projects that Supporters should try to do, and we agreed on some major changes. We agreed that we need fresh blood in team. if you want to become part of Supporter team, please fill out the following form:


Special call for mapmakers and other members of scenario community to apply. One of our main goals is to try to motivate players to get into mapmaking, and to encourage mapmakers to start new projects.

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Congratulations to PleaseMe who has been chosen as the new leader of the Game Meta Team!

The Game Meta Team creates, tests, and refines ideas which promote new and interesting kinds of gameplay on atWar. This includes (but is not limited to) creating new strategies, new upgrades, new units, refining existing strategies/upgrades/units, rule changes, and any other new ideas that can be implemented related to the gameplay of atWar. The team consists of several volunteers who assist with brainstorming and testing out these ideas, until they are ultimately ready to release into the game.

I'm excited to start working with PleaseMe in this area. He is someone who understands the game very well and has a deep desire to see it succeed.

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General changes:

  • New strategy added to the game.
  • Buildings can no longer be disabled.
  • Covert Operation now costs 100,000SP.


    Mobility ● Expansion ● Rush

    Improved transport units and advanced transport protection

    Strategy effects:

    • All units view range is increased by 2.

    Naval Transport:
    • Defense increased from 2 to 3 (+1)
    • HP increased from 7 to 9 (+2)
    • Range increased from 10 to 13 (+3)
    • Capacity increased from 10 to 12 (+2)
    • Cost decreased from 250 to 200 (-50)

    Air Transport:
    • Defense increased from 2 to 3 (+1)
    • HP increased from 7 to 9 (+2)
    • Range increased from 13 to 16 (+3)
    • Capacity increased from 3 to 5 (+2)
    • Cost decreased from 600 to 400 (-200)

    • Defense increased from 7 to 8 (+1)
    • Attack decreased from 9 to 2 (-7)
    • Range increased from 10 to 13 (+3)
    • Cost decreased from 250 to 100 (-150)

    • Defense increased from 6 to 8 (+2)
    • Attack decreased from 6 to 3 (-3)
    • Range increased from 15 to 16 (+1)
    • Cost decreased from 160 to 120 (-40)

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